2010- Core of the UnderworldEdit

With the Power Miners stuck in the center of the Earth, they discover Lava Monsters, and must fight them with Liquid Nitrogen and Freezing Water.This was the final wave of sets before Power Miners officially ended.

"Core of the Underworld" was supposed to be the name of this subtheme (see rumors).



  • Duke`s (Key Chain) visor was not removable, so it was hard to tell if it really was' him.
  • Firax`s (Key Chain) mouth could not open.
  • The first two sets were released in late 2009, but were still part of wave three.
  • The very first picture of Claw Catcher, showed Infernox as a Meltrox.
  • People originally confused Firax and Infernox because of a false statement on the Lego Shop.