Eruptorr is believed to be the leader of the Lava Monsters. He is a presumably a more evolved type of Firax. Like all large rock monsters he can lob items using his catapult arm.


  • Eruptorr is a pun on "Erupt" because they are Lava Monsters, and Eruptorr probably can cause eruptions.
  • He features transparent arms, and a newer body, that is similar to Tremorox and Geolix`s.
  • He comes in the set 8191, Lavatraz.
  • He was originally going to be named Firax, but LEGO changed him to Eruptorr before release.
  • In comparison, he is slightly larger than Geolix & Tremorox.
  • He didn't come with an item to throw, but because he is the same as the large Rock Monsters, he can still throw smaller monsters and other pieces.


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