Lavatraz 2

The set.


Lavatraz is the largest set of 2010 and a monster jail.It features a working crane, exploding cave, exploding jail cell, and a pop machine.It also features a water balloon launcher and a small mining vehicle.





Firax`s descriptionEdit

Lock up lava monsters at the Earth’s core!

The Power Miners have dug deeper than ever before, right down into a world of molten magma and raging lava monsters! Only their new Lavatraz underground base is strong enough to contain Eruptorr, the most powerful of the monsters…but will a sneaky Infernox help him break free? Use the firing super-cooled projectile launcher, hydro-blast rover vehicle and movable capture crane to put those pests on ice, and stop off at the built-in vending machine for a frozen snack when you’re done! Includes Infernox lava monster, giant Eruptorr monster with throwing action, and 2 Power Miners minifigures in anti-heat armor.

  • Includes Lavatraz base, Infernox lava monster, giant Eruptorr monster and 2 Power Miners!
  • Pursue lava monsters with the projectile launcher, hydro-blast rover vehicle and movable capture crane!
  • Capture cage explodes, allowing lava monsters to escape!
  • Grab an icy cold snack at the built-in vending machine!
  • Measures over 8" (20cm) tall and 8" (20cm) wide!


  • In the description, the product profile says "Will a sneaky Infernox break Eruptorr free?". However, a Firax is included in the set, not an Infernox.
  • The name Lavatraz is a portmanteau of "Lava" and "Alcatraz", the latter of which is an infamous prison.
  • This is the only set Erruptor is included in.

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