"We are currently the largest Power Miners Wiki in existence!" -Main Page

Welcome to our wiki! Here we strive to continue the story and write fanon articles. Power Miners Custom Wiki (PMCW for short) is a fanon wiki established by 1999bug, a former Power Miners fan.

Yes, we have rules Edit

Here at PMCW, we try to keep it simple to read canon articles, as well. So stop by the rules, so we can get started! :)

What is this? Edit

This is a Wiki for Power Miners fans, and people looking for set information.

This is a custom wiki, which you post how you'd continue the story, expand the story, etc.

1999bug, the founder of this wiki, along with Power Jim and Drew1200, the other admins, are happy to welcome you here.

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide information and finish the Power Miner story with your own twist, so have fun! Take care,


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