2nd Eruptorr Proto3 in 1 SuperpackAdventures with Max! Power-Miners!
Aero ShredderAntarcticaArchive:User talk:1999bug
Archive:User talk:1999bug 2Archive:User talk:Flex217Axe
Baby RockmonsterBelarus BetaBoulder Blaster
BoulderaxBrainsBucket Robot
Cave ConvoyCave CrusherCave Cutter
Claw CatcherClaw Catcher and LavatrazClaw Digger
CombustixCommercial: Thunder Diller & Claw DiggerCragling
Crystal CrawlerCrystal KingCrystal Master
Crystal QueenCrystal RavagerCrystal Sweeper
CrystalsCustom Power miner BasesCustom Wiki
DiscontinuedDocDrew1200 talk:talk page/Archive 1
Dynamite LauncherEpisode 1: A Rocky StartEpisode 2: Taken to New Heights
Episode 3: A Spicy SupriseEpisode 4: The Clean SweepEruptorr
FiraxFireFire Blaster
Giant Water GunGlaciatorGlaciquake
Granite GrinderHappy Burp DayIce Cave
IcemonstersInfernoxJack Hammer
JaneJetix PromoLEGO Battles: Ninjago
Lava LordLava MonstersLava Showdown
LavatrazLego Power Miners WikiLego Power Miners Wiki/Chat Rules
Lego Power Miners Wiki/Official Rules & RestrictionsLego Power Miners Wiki/Vote ResultsLiquid Nitrogen
List of SetsMagma MechMeltrox
Mine MechMiner MechMiners
Monster DroppingsMonster LauncherMonster See, Monster Do
MonstrumNet LauncherPM Dump-Truck
PM Heavy Transport UnitPM Mining LoaderPM underground plow
PetitionPickaxePower-Miners Collection!
Power-miner TeamPower-miner walkerPower Miners
PromotionsRexRock Hacker
Rock MonstersRock Monsters (Rock Raiders)Rock Raiders
Rock WreckerRubble Rescue RoverRumors
Sample Fanon PageShovelSizzler
Stone ChopperSulfurixTerestrox, the Crystal Marauder
The Power Miners MovieThrowing MonstersThunder Driller
Titanium Command RigTitanium Command Rig TVCTools & Weapons
TremoroxTunnel 13Underground Mining Station
Unknown Mining Vehicle (Lavatraz)Unknown Rock MonsterUnnamed Miner(s)
Ursus 1410 tractorVoting Center

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