The Power Miners Movie was a rumor that foretold a movie, it most likely started at because there were several posts relating.

At one point, discussion on the Lego Power Miners Message Boards resulted in discussion over making a huge 1-2 hour stop action movie in small parts, then posting it on

Users included in the project: 1999bug, Nbd, Drew1200, Rock-o-Ages, and several others. Soon Nbd retired and they ceased the discussion, only to bring it back one year later in it's own topic (Drew1200 and 1999bug did, atleast. Rock-o-Ages didn't feel like he could help much, and not enough people were involved, and Nbd had retired.) When they did, they discussed making it shorter than the original idea, maybe 30 min. maximum. Then, once again, Drew1200 and 1999bug scrapped the idea until further notice. They still plan on making short films instead, and they now have another similar topic, The Power Miners Set Creators Club, where they can post Power Miners stuff for a club, on the Lego Universe Lab (See link above).

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