This article is on existing rumors, which may or may not be true.Edit

Tunnel 13 was supposed to be a game sort of like Glatorian Arena and Glatorian Arena 2 , where you could interact with Miners and use vehicles and tools to capture Monsters.Most of the informations was released by Exorocks, the official of the Power Miners website (, months passed and no game was released, and Power Miners was discontinued.

  • Before Power Miners was discontinued, one of the "Easter Egg" crystals had a picture of a Magma Mech chasing a Combustix monster.It was believed to be an easter egg for Tunnel 13, but was not.The picture was later used in Lava Showdown, a "Pac Man" like game.
  • Set 13 was never released, hinting a continuation of Power Miners or a Tunnel 13 game.

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